#EscapeWithABook Week 4: Murder at the Playgroup

It’s Week 4 (already?) of #EscapeWithABook, in which I run a discount on a different ebook every week.

Each book is 99p/99c (UK/US only, because of how Amazon run their discount system). In addition, almost all my books are in Kindle Unlimited, so if you are a subscriber, you can work through the lot – if you can face it!

This week’s cheap ebook is Murder at the Playgroupwhich is the first book in the Pippa Parker cozy mystery series.

Expectant mum Pippa Parker never wanted to move to the chocolate-box village of Much Gadding in the first place. When she meets the locals, she’s absolutely sure. Then the village is turned upside down when Barbara Hamilton, pillar of the community, is found dead at Gadding Goslings playgroup. No one could have murdered her except the people who were there. Everyone’s a suspect, including Pippa…

With a baby due any minute, and hampered by her toddler son, can Pippa unmask the murderer? Will Much Gadding return to normal? And does anyone in Much Gadding even know what normal is?

Click here to see the book on Amazon, and get a copy for 0.99 (US/UK only) (link opens in a new window)

Watch out for the following discounted books in the next few weeks (I’ll post when the discount kicks in):

Murder in the Choir: 13-19 April
All At Sea: 20-26 April
Halloween Sherlock: Volumes 1-3: 27 April-3 May


If you do pick up one of my books, I hope you enjoy it, and it provides some respite from everyday life as it is now.

Wishing you all well.

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