Prepare to launch! Maisie Frobisher is Off the Map…

She’s back! And this time, Maisie may or may not be riding an elephant…

Maisie Frobisher has arrived in India – in Mumbai to be precise, or Bombay as it was in the 1890s – and she’ll get quite a culture shock when she steps off the boat…

I’m delighted to launch Maisie book 2 into the world – she is such a fun character to write, and then of course there’s Inspector Hamilton to deal with…but you’ll meet lots of new characters in this book, including the Viceroy of India.

Off The Map is available in ebook (£2.99/$3.99/€3.99), paperback (£5.99/$7.99/€6.99), and also via Kindle Unlimited.

If you do pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the blurb:

To travel hopefully is better than to arrive…


When Maisie Frobisher arrives in Bombay she is looking forward to a life of parties and sightseeing. Fate, though, has other plans.

At first Maisie thinks that her biggest problem will be adjusting to the restrictions of life in Bombay while Inspector Hamilton gets on with his job. But when an information leak sparks conflict, it becomes clear that the theft of a document on board ship is part of something much bigger. And when Maisie receives a bizarre message from ‘Leopard’ via the personals column of the local newspaper, she has no choice but to get involved. 

Someone doesn’t want her to, though. Soon Maisie finds herself the subject of a whispering campaign, and ostracised by society – but that becomes the least of her worries as danger looms.

Can Maisie and Inspector Hamilton unmask the mole? Who is the mysterious Leopard? And when they meet him, will they come back alive?

Off The Map is the second book in the Maisie Frobisher Mysteries series, set in the mid-1890s.

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