Hold the rosemary: announcing A Christmas Carrot!

It’s taken a while to come to fruition, but here is my first children’s book, A Christmas Carrot!


A Christmas Carrot is a humorous story very much inspired by – you’ve guessed it – A Christmas Carol, and retold for 4-8 year olds in picture-book form. I did the words, and Zoe Harmon has provided the lovely quirky illustrations, which really add to the story.

I wrote the initial story maybe three years ago, and for various reasons – who would illustrate it, was it worth doing a children’s book, other projects getting in the way – I didn’t do anything with it. But then a few things came together, I decided to take the plunge, and here we are! I had lots of fun testing the story and the first sketches with two classes of primary-school children, and hopefully lots more kids will get to enjoy the book.

Here’s the book blurb:

Terry Crispus hates Christmas; he’d rather keep his presents and dinner for himself. He won’t even let his neighbour Mrs Goodenough have a carrot for the reindeer and the snowman’s nose.

Then the Christmas Carrot visits Terry at midnight on Christmas Eve, and takes him on a host of adventures. Will Terry learn to share before it is too late?

This humorous picture book is suitable to be read to younger children, and for children up to the age of 8-9. Hopefully grown-ups can enjoy it too!

The book is available in full-colour large-format paperback (£4.99/$7.99) and also in ebook (£1.99/$2.99), and is available to read in Kindle Unlimited too.

I’m not going to say anything about it being a month till Christmas, or mention that books are easy to wrap… 😉

Visit A Christmas Carrot on Amazon

Add A Christmas Carrot to your to-read list on Goodreads

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