The Adventure of the Scarlet Rosebud is now available to preorder… and there are a few ARCs left if you’re quick!

Fancy a bit of creepy Halloweeny Sherlocky goodness – or should that be badness? If so, you’re in luck! Behold The Adventure of the Scarlet Rosebud! 

Rosebud flat final

Here’s the blurb:

A medium dies – but is it murder?

When Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson investigate the death of Marcia Le Fanu, a well-known medium, they enter an unfamiliar world of trickery and intrigue. Was Marcia Le Fanu cursed by a rival? Or does the truth lie closer to home?

To solve this case Sherlock Holmes will need all his deductive powers — and Dr Watson will be tested too…

I was going to sneak this book onto Amazon quietly and announce it closer to October, but as people have already started ordering it I figured I might as well, you know, tell everyone. PLUS I have made some ARCs of the book available on Booksprout.

This story is one I was invited to write for this year’s MX Publishing 2019 Annual of new Sherlock Holmes stories, and as I hold the rights I decided to issue it as a standalone book too. It won’t be in Kindle Unlimited as it isn’t exclusive, but otherwise it has very much the feel of one of my Halloween Sherlock tales.

I’ll be pricing the book at 99c/99p as it’s a 50-page read (and yes, I will do a paperback), and it is out on October 8, but if you would like to read it for free right now, follow the Booksprout link to get your copy!

Check out the book on Amazon

Claim your ARC copy

The gorgeous featured image is by Doug Kelley at Unsplash.


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