Camp NaNoWriMo – nearly there!

It’s day 22 in the Camp NaNoWriMo house, and things are going surprisingly well. Could it be… (cue sharp intake of breath) too well?

My project for Camp NaNoWriMo is Pippa Parker book 5, The QWERTY Murders. I’m fairly sure I wrote book 4, Murder in the Meadow, at the same time last year, quite possibly also as a Camp NaNo project. Hopefully I’ll get to book 6 a little more quickly!

Today I reached (checks total) 43,937 words and finished chapter 21. Over the weekend and today I’ve tied up a couple of subplots, ready to set up the climax tomorrow. All being well, it should be chapter 22 and maybe some of 23 tomorrow, chapter 23 complete on Wednesday, and wrapping everything up with chapter 24 on Thursday. This is the plan, anyway, and as my younger son finishes school on Thursday I’m really hoping it works out!

As it turned out, my sticky middle didn’t come in the usual place for this book, which is between a third to a half done. This time round, it was between halfway and two-thirds done. I suspect the reason for this was that I have a higher murder count than usual for a Pippa book, so the lull came in a slightly different place. But I’ve come out the other side now!

I’ve also adjusted to the pace of writing all on my own. Something which has really helped is having a stretch of heavy-word days followed by two or three much lighter days when I can get my word count done in an hour or so and then get on with all the other stuff that needs doing. A bonus is that on those days I quite often keep going to finish the scene or the chapter, so I’m about 1500 words ahead of where I planned to be at this point. Still setting that timer for 25 minute sprints, though.

Stats so far:

  • Words: 43,937
  • Body count: 2 (and there may be some sneaky attempts too)
  • Biscuits consumed: 1 (I’ve been good and it was a ginger nut which hardly counts at all)
  • Packets of crisps consumed: 1 (REALLY good)
  • Cups of tea: numerous BUT half were decaf (AMAZINGLY good)
  • Ice lollies: lost count (darn, I was hoping you wouldn’t ask about the ice lollies)
  • Dastardly plotting plans: ooh I might chuck a couple of extra twists in!

Fingers crossed that my next post will be Camp NaNoWriMo: Words complete!

The featured image is typewriter by Ak~i, and it is shared via Creative Commons license 2.0.

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