A new Pippa book and a new offer!

If it’s July then it must be Camp NaNoWriMo! Well OK not for everyone, and not even always for me. But anyway…

I’ve signed up to Camp NaNoWriMo and pledged to write the first draft of Pippa Parker book 5, provisionally titled The QWERTY Murders. Now admittedly it’s only day 2, but so far I’m nearly 4000 words in and enjoying it. And I haven’t even murdered anyone yet!

So, seeing as I’m feeling chipper in the world of Pippa, I’ve set up a Kindle Countdown Deal for the first 2 books in the series.

In the US and UK:

  • Murder in the Playgroup will be 99c/99p from 3-9 July: click on the link to grab yours! mybook.to/playgroup

  • Murder in the Choir will be $1.99/£1.99 from 3-9 July: mybook.to/Choir

  • Both books (and the rest of the series) are available to read free via Kindle Unlimited

I wonder how much of book 5 I’ll have written by the time the offer ends? Comment below with your guesses!

And if you do pick up a copy of either book, I hope you enjoy it!


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