Coming soon: In Sherlock’s Shadow

It’s been a looooong time in the making, but here, finally, is the sequel to A House of Mirrors – In Sherlock’s Shadow!

ISS flat final

Why did it take me so long? Well, there are a few reasons.

  • A House of Mirrors was my first proper full-length book, and people seemed to like it quite a lot. So I was, shall we say, a bit nervous in case the sequel let the first book down. I actually drafted the book back in early 2017. That’s how long it’s taken me to pluck up the courage to edit the darn thing.
  • It’s a big book. The draft was over 90,000 words, and it’s lost maybe 10,000 of those words in the editing process.
  • While I could draft the book in 2017, I don’t think I had the skills to edit it to my satisfaction. I think I was probably putting it off for a reason which I didn’t consciously know. Once I actually buckled down to the edit, earlier this year, it was actually fairly quick. I won’t say painless, but quick.

And here is the end result! The second instalment of Nell Hudson’s adventures is available to pre-order now, and will launch on Tuesday 7 May, hopefully in both ebook and paperback. The ebook is £3.99/$3.99; paperback price to be confirmed. As usual, the book will also be available to read in Kindle Unlimited. 

Pre-order your copy now

Here’s the blurb:

What happens when the honeymoon ends?

Life in Baker Street is not all Nell Hudson thought it would be. Financially the household is struggling, and in the masculine world of police work, Nell finds herself pushed aside in favour of Dr Watson. She takes a job as a department store detective to make ends meet; but though she is successful, none of the men in her life take it seriously.

Sherlock himself is busy investigating a missing prisoner; but when Emmett Stanley is found it turns out to be a case not of escape, but abduction. And he is in no state to tell anyone what happened.

Then trouble strikes closer to home. Military secrets are being leaked, and Mycroft Holmes is under suspicion. When Sherlock tries to help, a rift opens between the brothers, and its consequences threaten Nell and Sherlock’s relationship.

In the midst of it all, an opportunity beckons for Nell. She is approached to go undercover as a spy; but to do so she must leave everything behind and live a life completely alien to her.

Will Nell dare to step out of Sherlock Holmes’s shadow?

In Sherlock’s Shadow is the second book in the Mrs Hudson & Sherlock Holmes series, which documents life at 221B Baker Street from Nell Hudson’s point of view.

If you do pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy it!

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