Coming on January 1 – A Phoenix Rises!

I can’t decide whether I should call this my last book release of 2018 or my first of 2019 – but anyway, here it is!

A Phoenix Rises, the third book in the Sherlock & Jack novella series, will launch in ebook on 1st January and is available to preorder now. It follows on, after a gap of three years, from the events of Something Blue. And yet again, Jacky finds herself drawn into the world of Holmes and Watson.

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Now, you may have noticed that this cover looks quite different from the covers of the first two books in the series, A Jar of Thursday and Something Blue. Or at least, the original covers.

At first I didn’t intend Thursday to be the start of a series; I thought of it as an offshoot of my first book, The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, and so it had a similar cover. However, as the series has progressed it has moved further away from the feel of that first book, and I wanted to give it new covers which would better reflect its tone and style.

Here they are:

And here is the blurb for A Phoenix Rises:

Sherlock Holmes is dead. Apparently.

Jacky Huggins only wants to cheer up the recently-bereaved Dr Watson. But when she accompanies him on a secret investigation into a kidnapping, she doesn’t expect to raise the dead. 

Now Jacky is caught up in a cat-and-mouse game between an adversary who seems to hold all the cards and a detective who cannot come out of the shadows. And to make matters worse, Jacky is torn between her role as a wife and mother and the thrill of the chase…

Jacky longs to bring Sherlock Holmes back, but to do so she must find a way to help a man who won’t be helped — and risk her own reputation in the process. 

How can Jacky reconcile friendship with family? And is it worth the risk?

So there you go – starting 2019 off with a bang! If you pick up a copy of A Phoenix Rises, I hope you enjoy it!

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