Hold your horses and prime your pistols – Katherine and Connie are back on the case!

Paula Harmon and I were going to keep quiet about this for a little while longer, but as people have already started buying it I guess we have to come clean.

Caster and Fleet are back!

Katherine and Connie’s fourth adventure, The Case of the Masquerade Mob, is now available to pre-order in ebook, and will go live on 18 December, just in time for Christmas! I’ll be working on the paperback ASAP, too.

Mob flat final

See the book on Amazon

As usual, if you visit the Amazon website you will be able to read the book blurb, but I thought you might appreciate a different view of the book, from the perspective of a person who witnessed some of the events. Handing over to Katherine’s Aunt Leah!

Aunt Leah’s view:

‘I am absolutely disgusted that my niece Katherine has allowed her latest – escapade – to be made into a book. I have tried my best with her, Heaven knows. I have lectured her on her housekeeping, her shamefully lax treatment of the servants, and above all her insistence on going out to work rather than accepting her lot. And now look what has happened. Head over ears in who knows what debauchery, and mixed up with the police to boot! I cannot even bring myself to mention some of the things that took place. Her friend Connie is no better – in fact, she might be even worse than Katherine. 

This book is full of the worst kind of frivolity. Dancing, dressing up, and I believe that some of the people in it even drink alcohol. I will not put myself at risk of corruption by reading one page of it. The authors ought to know better, in my opinion, than to listen to a chit of a girl like Katherine. What’s wrong with a nice book of sermons?’

So there you have it. Full of frivolity, dancing, dressing up, and no doubt shenanigans. What’s not to like? 😉

Oh, and if you haven’t read the first 3 books in the series, watch out, because a box set is coming soon!

C&F boxset drop shadow

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