I’m now on Booksprout! Come and find me for an ARC of Halloween Sherlock

What does that mean, I hear you ask?

Well, Booksprout is an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) managing service, and as I’m not very good at managing ARCs, I thought using a system to keep track of them would be a great idea.

So if you like the idea of joining my ARC team and getting notifications when I have a new book to read and review – AND get the book free before anyone else, ahead of publication day – then you can follow me on Booksprout! Just search for ‘Liz Hedgecock’ and click follow.

I’m looking for reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, as all my books are on Amazon and almost all my ebooks are exclusive to that platform.

And here is the first ARC!

HS boxset

I’ve just uploaded the Halloween Sherlock ebook boxset. There are a limited number of ARCs and when they’re gone, they’re gone! So if you’d like one, take a look!

I’ll probably be adding more books as the year continues, so watch this space!

Direct link to claim your ARC copy

Visit the Booksprout website

Get the Booksprout app

The featured image is by ulleo and can be found here at Pixabay (CC0, public domain).


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