When life gives you lemons…make a box set!

Gosh, it’s been a while since I blogged on here… I blame back-to-school-and-work, and also trying to get my publishing ducks in a row.

Anyway, as you can see from the picture, I’ve been putting things into boxes! The first 3 books in the Pippa Parker Mysteries series are now available in an ebook box set.

PP boxset

Originally I was going to wait until I had book 4, Murder in the Meadow, available to preorder (I’m starting the edits now). However, due to a glitch in the Amazon paperback-making interface (eddies in the space-time continuum?), I currently can’t get any new paperbacks into the system and up for sale. So hey, I thought I might as well release SOMETHING! The ebook comes in at a whopping 787 Kindle pages, so if I do a paperback version in the future it will also be a handy doorstop.

I’m pricing the set at £5.99/$5.99, so for anyone who hasn’t read the Pippa books, it’s a saving on buying the ebooks individually. And it’s also available via Kindle Unlimited, so subscribers can get it for free.

Visit the Pippa box set on Amazon

And – and – once I’d done one box set I thought I might as well do another. So here is the Halloween Sherlock one!

HS boxset
I’m pricing this box set at $2.99/£2.99, since the collection is roughly novella-length, and as an extra incentive I’ve included a new short story, ‘A One-Pipe Problem’, which is exclusive to this collection. It will also be available through Kindle Unlimited.

The box set is currently available to preorder, and launches on 9 October, the same day as book 3 in the series, The Case of the Curious Cabinet.

Visit the Halloween Sherlock box set on Amazon

So there you have it; box sets in the face of paperback adversity 😉

One thought on “When life gives you lemons…make a box set!

  1. Intrigued that you managed to get the box sets through, Liz, although new material is still being a problem. If in doubt, be devious 😀 Best of lemon flavoured Luck.


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