Things that go bump in the night: it’s The Case of the Deceased Clerk!

Third time’s a charm (I hope) – The Case of the Deceased Clerk, book 3 in the Caster & Fleet Victorian mystery series I’ve written with Paula Harmon, is now LIVE on Amazon! And the paperback will be hot on the heels of the ebook, honest!

See Clerk on Amazon

We had a great time writing this book (as we did with all the others), and again, it got funnier in the edit. Our beta readers reckon this is the best book in the series so far!

So what happens this time?

Here’s the blurb…

Clerk drop shadowWhen Katherine and Connie take on office jobs, it is far from the normal nine-to-five…

The Department recruit the duo to investigate London’s mediums and mesmerists, several of whom are suspected of fraud. Katherine and Connie must pose as clients to discover what goes on behind closed doors.

The deeper they delve, the more unsettling the duo’s findings become. Disturbing revelations shake their confidence in themselves and their mission. They are followed, and spied on. And when Miss Robson joins the team, she raises a ghost whom she had hoped was laid to rest for ever…

Both women face challenges in their personal lives, too. Connie has to balance her new career and her married life, while Katherine makes an enemy who threatens her chance of happiness and the success of their investigation.

Can Katherine and Connie see past the smoke and mirrors to uncover the truth?

The Case of the Deceased Clerk is the third book in the Caster & Fleet mystery series, set in 1890s London.

And that’s book 3 – hope you enjoy it! Will there be a book 4? Ooh, well, maybe you need to read book 3 to work that out! 😉

Oh, and a very big PS…

If you haven’t read The Case of the Black Tulips yet, today is the last day to get the ebook for 99c/99p (US/UK only). Snap yours up and join in the shenanigans!

Get The Case of the Black Tulips for 99c/99p

Read a sample of Clerk

Visit Clerk on Amazon

Add Clerk to your Goodreads reading list


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