Summer mystery reads

Morning! The sun’s shining (again) and I’ve just sent The Case of the Runaway Client, book 2 of the Caster & Fleet series I’m writing with Paula Harmon, off for proofreading. So it must be time to blog!

It’s a quick one today. If you’re lazing around and wondering what to read next, why not take a look at these two mystery book fairs? One is for books available in Kindle Unlimited (so free to read for subscribers), and one is for 99p/99c books. And yes, a couple of my books have snuck in there somehow…

Here are the links:

99p books:

Kindle Unlimited books:

Fete flat final with line


Oh, and if you haven’t snagged a copy of Pippa Parker book 3, A Fete Worse Than Death, it’s currently 99p/99c in the UK and US – but not for much longer!

Amazon global link for A Fete Worse Than

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