Cover reveal! Coming (fairly) soon – A Fete Worse Than Death!

Ready to see what the third Pippa Parker mystery looks like?

On the count of three…



Wait for iiiiiit…


Fete flat final with line

I’ve been wanting to post this cover for a while, but I resolved not to until I’d sent the book out to beta readers. However, as I finally packed A Fete Worse Than Death off yesterday, here it is!

Here’s the cover next to the first two in the series:

This cover, like the one for Murder in the Choir, wasn’t difficult to do; the challenge was mostly about finding the right graphics. The hall you will recognise from the first cover; the real sticking point was the cake! I had set my heart on a nice round jam sponge, but nothing was quite right. After exhaustive research, I chose the cake shown, and then I painted on some extra oozing jam. It’s definitely jam. Couldn’t be anything else…

Cover credits

These credits will reappear in the book acknowledgements, and I’ve also added links to the graphics. The cover was created in the wonderful GIMP image editor.


All fonts available from FontSquirrel


All graphics at except the plate, which is at

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