Egg Hunt 2018: The Quest for the Dragon’s Hoard

Hello all! A bit close to the wire this year (too many books to read and edit) but here is Egg Hunt 2018: The Quest for the Dragon’s Hoard.

This year there are fewer clues, but participants get a purse of chocolate coins (or mini eggs would work as currency), and also object cards to use in persuading the various strange characters they meet (yes, that’s you) to hand over the next clue. As my kids are getting older, I thought they might like a quest/adventure theme, so that’s where I’ve gone this year. I did wonder if they wanted an egg hunt this year, but when I asked the question I got an emphatic yes. No rest for the wicked!

I’ve included object cards, a sheet of clues, and also a cheat sheet with suggestions and hints. I usually print mine on coloured card, and once you’ve cut up the clues and the object cards (and placed the eggs/clues), you should be good to go. I’ve done both PDFs and Word documents, so you can customise the hunt if you like. Don’t say I never give you anything!

Egg hunt 2018 – cards

Egg hunt 2018 – cards Word

Egg hunt 2018 – narrative PDF

Egg hunt 2018 – narrative Word

Egg hunt 2018 – narrative with answers:prompts

Egg hunts from previous years are on here too – just search for EASTER or EGG HUNT and they should appear.

Happy Easter!

The featured image is P1010213 by Amy G, and is shared by permission of Creative Commons license 2.0. No changes were made.

The clipart used for the object cards is all from

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