At it again

So, when I said I was brewing some ideas for Book 2 of the co-writing project…



And this time it’s completely my fault.

If you haven’t read my previous blogs on the subject (here and here), a brief summary is that Paula Harmon and I decided to try writing a book together. Alternate chapters, from the POV of 2 main characters. It went so well that we decided to try and write a trilogy. Obviously with a pause between each one, to do other things like talk to our families and sleep.


Having finished the draft of book 1 on Saturday 10th February, I had no intention of starting to plot book 2 any time soon.

Until I found myself with a notebook, a pen, and 5 minutes to spare on the following Monday morning…

Without giving too much away, I started from our person-with-a-case. Our previous client had been female and wealthy, and I wanted our next one to be quite different. Paula had also written a great set-up to the next adventure at the end of Book 1. But even so, the character would still need to have a certain level of income to go down that route.

Unless the real client was someone else…and I was off! The Case of the Reluctant Client (working title) had begun!

Later on Monday, once I had a broad outline, I shared it with Paula, and got the reply ‘So when are you starting book 2?’

I replied that of course I wouldn’t be starting book 2 till I’d done the sensible thing and read through book 1 to check for things that might affect book 2. I genuinely meant it.

But the prompt at my Thursday writers’ group was so appropriate that I started it anyway.

And now (the following Monday) we’re 9 chapters in, and a third of the way through. I’m not going to try and predict when the draft will be finished, but I suspect that at the rate the characters are going, it won’t take them long.

I can reveal that this one involves a music hall.

There will be singing and dancing.

There will probably be a great deal of disapproval.

And there will definitely be SHENANIGANS!

The featured image is a playbill from the Theatre Royal Adelphi, 1838. It is held by the British Library and is in the public domain. The image is reproduced from:





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