Avalanche – words complete!

Um, you remember that last post I wrote, about a week ago? The one where I said I was co-writing a book?


Yes, I am rather excited. The Case of the Black Tulip(s) – still haven’t decided how many tulips there will be – is a THING!

Here are some stats:

  • From start to finish, the first draft took us 20 days
  • The draft is 27 chapters and just over 54,000 words long (we aimed for 50-55K so that’s great)
  • My co-author Paula Harmon wrote 14 chapters (she did the first and last) and I did 13. We alternated throughout
  • The last chapter sets things up VERY nicely for book 2…
  • My biscuit and crisp consumption has been remarkably low, considering. I have eaten 2 caramel wafers, NO Viscounts (even though I have some in) and NO crisps in the course of writing! Then again, I’ve barely had time…

Was it fun? Yes!

Are we pleased with the result? We agree yes. Of course there are things to tidy up, but given that we began with an inciting event, a bit of backstory about Paula’s character, and the knowledge that we were writing a mystery, I think we did a pretty good job.

Will we do it again? I certainly hope so. The experience has felt like a team version of NaNoWriMo, in that we had a goal of ‘this many words in that much time’ to meet. When we discussed timescale, we initially said six months. As we got going, we quickly realised we’d be done well before that, and started thinking about aiming to finish for the end of February. The characters had other ideas, however – they basically demanded that we kept writing them, and pushed us along. And here we are, finished before Valentine’s Day!

So there you go. If you haven’t considered co-writing before, I’d thoroughly recommend it. We spent time going through some what-ifs and who-does-whats beforehand, and I think that was really helpful. Not because we’ve used any of it, except for alternating chapters and doing everything in Google Docs, but because it meant we knew the framework was there to support us, and we could just let ourselves go with the story.

Next time (yes, I’m saying it!) it’s my turn to come up with some sort of plot, and I imagine I’ll write the first and last chapters too, since that’s how we did it this time. I’m already brewing ideas…

See what I mean?

The featured image is The End by Brandon Satterwhite, and is shared under Creative Commons license 2.0.

7 thoughts on “Avalanche – words complete!

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  2. I’ve been following your progress, and will be doing something similar shortly. Confirmation, if needed, that all writer’s have lost the plot. 😀 It sounds hilarious, can’t wait to read it.


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