When things snowball: my new project!

So, a while back I hinted that I was thinking of cheating on all the proofreading and editing I should be doing, and starting a new book instead.

And because people are mischievous, they encouraged me.

Let’s face it, I was hoping they would. That’s probably why I posted. And to be honest, I was already on the point of plunging in. 😉

What have I got myself into this time?


I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to co-write a book. It sounds fun, cooking up plots and having a co-conspirator. So when Paula Harmon mentioned she had an idea for a Victorian mystery and she wanted to pick my brains about collaboration, I was all ears. I like her stuff. She likes my stuff. So far so good!

That was back in July. We swapped notes, and decided that while we still wanted to do it, we wanted to do something with more women. Then NaNoWriMo happened, and we decided, what with Christmas and all, to leave it till January.

(this is going somewhere, honest)

We exchanged emails with some sketchy ideas. One of them, which was kind of a joke, was about two mismatched female Victorian detectives.

And we liked it. So we scheduled a call.

(Did I mention that we live at opposite ends of the country and had never actually spoken to each other?)

After 40 minutes or so of thrashing out the how and the why and the who does what, we agreed to begin, setting a very gentle timescale of about 6 months to get the first draft done.

That was on 19 January.

Now it’s 1 Feb. We are now roughly halfway through what has become (working title) The Case of the Black Tulip.

And we’re thinking about making it a series.

Seriously, the characters have taken the story and run with it. We’re writing alternate chapters and sometimes two are exchanged in a day. It’s crazy and exciting and FUN all at the same time.

And who knows? I might even get to meet my co-author one day. 😉

Watch this space!

The featured image is Five O’Clock Tea, by Mary Cassatt, 1880. This picture is listed as being in the public domain on Wikimedia Commons.

5 thoughts on “When things snowball: my new project!

  1. Two Victorian ladies in collaboration with Liz and Paula? :O Look out world, I think they’re on to something here. Can’t wait to read it, and be able to name drop when you’re rich and famous. Best of Luck. x

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