#NaNoWriMo week 2-and-a-bit: In which I reach the middle

I’m still going. I reached the 25K mark, most appropriately, on the 15th of the month, so you can’t say I’m not consistent, and now I’m almost at 30K, or 60% if you feel so inclined. But right now I feel as if I’ve been wading through the thick, sticky middle of the plot all week.

That’s probably because I have. The plot I’ve settled on for this book features two incidents happening within a fairly short space of time, and therefore the middle has been stretched a bit. Plus my protagonist Pippa is feeling put-upon and blamed, and rather sorry for herself, and maybe that’s affecting me too!

Anyway, from this point things should get a bit easier. I’m currently writing a chapter where she is going to take action, and hopefully from here things should start to unravel – or is it ravel? But I have my trusty post-it notes, and I’m looking forward to planting some more red herrings, dropping some clues, and dragging Pippa out of her gloomy mood.

NaNo Stats:

  • Words: 29,291
  • Writing days: 18/18 (go me)
  • Dodgy additions to internet search history for research purposes: 0 this week. Must try harder
  • Murders: 0 – but there have been 2 INCIDENTS
  • Cups of tea: is there a number bigger than infinity?
  • Chocs pilfered from the kids’ Halloween stash: maybe 2 a day this week? Not proud.

Here endeth the second NaNo update. Next time, all being well, I should be just over the 40K mark, and barrelling down to the finish. Hopefully I’ll have secured some Viscount biscuits by then.

This week’s NaNoRhiNo is a new addition to the crew, so much so that he or she doesn’t have a name yet. Suggestions welcomed in the comments!

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