Happy Halloween!

The horror story here is that our dishwasher isn’t working…other than that, we’re good.

I’m looking forward to two things this Halloween. One is going trick-or-treating with the kids later – sweeeeeets!

The other is taking part in C.L. Monaghan‘s Halloween takeover event, Midnight Mayhem and Magic, to celebrate the launch of her new book, Midnight Gunn: The Hollows. The party starts at 7pm tonight, and a whole bunch of authors will be taking over for half-hour slots of Halloween and book-themed fun till 1.30am. There are giveaways and prizes to be won, and a live murder mystery to be solved for the grand prize! I’ll be taking over from 9.30-10pm, and I have some bits and pieces planned, including a chance to have a say in the subject of the next Halloween Sherlock book!

See the event and sign up for Midnight Mayhem and Magic here

And as it’s Halloween, here’s a very short story for you:

Why Black Cats Are Unlucky

‘So why are black cats unlucky, Grandma?’ Casey chewed her pigtail and gazed at Grover, who responded with an unblinking green-eyed stare.

Grandma gave a final roll to the orange icing and wiped her hands on her apron. ‘Well, Casey, it’s mostly because people thought they were witches’ cats, and even that black cats were witches in disguise.’

Grover twitched his tail.

‘Hah!’ shouted Grandpa from the lounge. ‘It’s because black cats are easy to trip over and BREAK A HIP.’

‘Shush, Grandpa.’ Grandma tucked a strand of grey hair behind her ear. ‘Don’t upset Casey, now. Or Grover.’

If you enjoyed this story, it and many more are available in my flash-fiction collection, Bitesize. It’s £2.99 on Amazon, or a free gift for subscribers to my fortnightly newsletter. So if you fancy stories for free, head on over!

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The gorgeous featured image is Butte and a Pumpkin by Alisha Vargas, and is shared under Creative Commons license 2.0. No changes were made.


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