Out now! Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog


(at medium volume because this one’s a novelette)

I’m very pleased to announce that the ebook of Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog is LIVE, and joins its paperback sibling on Amazon today. It’s priced at 99p/99c/€0.99 for the ebook, and £2.99/$3.99 for the paperback. The book is also free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Deathly Fog is volume 2 of my Halloween Sherlock series. It’s more traditional than most of my other Holmes stories, so hopefully even Sherlock purists can enjoy it!

Here’s the blurb:

Who can fight a deathly fog?Fog flat final ebook

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are summoned into the heart of London’s slums by perhaps his strangest client yet. Children are vanishing without a trace, and the only connection is the thick fog which conceals their disappearance.

Are the children alive or dead? Can the great detective discover the truth? And will the mysterious woman in black help or hinder him?

To visit the book on Goodreads, click below:

Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog

Read the beginning of the story here

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