Release the fog!!! Well, on pre-order anyway…

So, yesterday I pushed the button. Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog, the second instalment in my Halloween Sherlock series (yes, I have decided it’s a series), is now available to pre-order, and will launch in September!

Just in case the header image on here has done weird things to it, here is the book cover in full:

Fog flat final ebook

I have to say that I really enjoyed making this cover, especially doing the fog! I had various options for the colour of the sky (and bothered various people on social media), and the orange one won. Sickly green was the runner-up, but by quite a long way…

SWL HS1 ebook flat finalI’ve also attempted a bit of series branding. Here is the slightly revamped cover for The Case of the Snow-White Lady, book 1. So whatever book 3 turns out to feature next year, it’ll probably have a cream/sepia/red/black colour scheme! I had no idea when I wrote Snow-White Lady that it would be anything more than a fun standalone, but there you go. These things have a way of snowballing. Certainly when I get hold of them!


But back to Deathly Fog. The book is available to pre-order for the princely sum of 99c/99p, and you can find it here on Amazon:

BUT there is another way you can read the book, before launch.

I’m offering Advance Reader Copies, with the plan that when the book finally launches in September, it will have some stars against its title. So if you like the sound of a darkish, creepy-ish Halloween Sherlock Holmes novelette (approx 10,000 words or 60 paperback pages), and you are prepared to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads, please get in touch for your copy of the book. Via my contact form here is fine, or also by DM on Twitter or Facebook. No obligation to review, but I’ll be very grateful if you do, even if it’s just a line or two.

And that’s it for now. Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to drop me a message for your free summer read. With swirling fog, and creepiness…mwahaha…



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