Murder on the cheap!

You heard it here first – although if you subscribe to my newsletter, this is old news. Sorry about that.

From today (July 20) until early next week, Murder At The Playgroup is on special offer if you’re in the US or UK, because it’s on a Kindle Countdown Deal. The ebook will start off at 99p/99c, then the price gradually increases until it’s back at full price (I think that’s due to happen on Wednesday). So if you like cozy mysteries and fancy a light holiday read, now’s the time to grab one! Here’s the global Amazon link:

And if you like cozy mystery series, never fear, because I’m working on the sequel right now (well, obviously not right now or this blog wouldn’t be happening). Murder In The Choir is my Camp NaNoWriMo project, and I reached 30K yesterday on the first draft. So far, it’s going well – I’d love to reveal some snippets, but I’m too worried about spoilers! I’m aiming to have the draft finished by mid-August, with the plan of getting the book on sale by the end of the year – so I’d better stop chatting and get on with it! See you next time 😉

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