Books books books!

Today I’m talking about even more books than usual!

First of all, Murder At The Playgroup is featuring in 3 book promotions this month:

  • Best Of British and Irish – This showcases books by British and Irish authors, and you can download free excerpts and even whole stories from Instafreebie. Lots of different genres, and the promotion is running till June 18
  • Need Something FUN to Read? – This promotion is full of light summer reading – cozy mystery, chick lit and humour, and again you can download free excerpts and stories from Instafreebie. Promotion runs until June 26
  • Show Me The Reads – This promotion features heaps of books which are all available to read free on Kindle Unlimited (if you haven’t signed up yet, there’s a 30-day free trial – get stuck in!). Again, there are several different genres represented, and this promotion is running until June 30

If that isn’t enough books for you, then I have 3 – yes, 3 again – 99p/99c ebook offers going on over the next week!

  • Bitesize, my book of flash fiction stories, is on offer from 14-18 June
  • The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes, a humorous take on some of the great detective’s early cases, is discounted from 16-19 June
  • A Jar Of Thursday, a Sherlock Holmes novella featuring skulduggery, gadgets and science (oh my!), is discounted from 17-20 June

So there you go. More books than you can shake a stick at. Enjoy!

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