JanuWriMo and FebuWriMore: a progress report

OK, I invented FebuWriMore, but anyway… I’m not blogging as frequently, due to an increase of STUFF to do, so it was only when checking the last few posts today that I realised I hadn’t actually written an end-of-January post. Maybe I did it in my head!

The image at the top of the post probably gives the game away. Yup, I made it to 50K words of In Sherlock’s Shadow in January 🙂 My final count was 52975, but I was just so darn glad to hit the milestone that I screenshotted too early (is that even a word?). T0 be fair, I was probably in a slight frenzy after cranking out 4o00 words!

There were days, particularly at the start of the month, when it felt like it would be plain sailing. Then everyone in the family got the bug that’s been hovering around school and work for weeks. We all staggered it so that for around three weeks, at least one person, usually two, was under the weather. There were days when I was so tired that I managed to write the bare minimum to keep me ahead of word count, losing all the cushion of words that I’d built up. Add in my new job and extracurricular bits and bobs for everyone, and there were a couple of days when I thought I was sunk. But the bug receded, my energy returned, and I squeaked over the line on 30 January, knackered but happy.

And so on to February. My commitment for February was to try and finish the book by the end of the month. And so far, I’m on track…provided that I can fit all the plot I have left into the envisaged word count!

This is where I am now:


Let’s just say right now that I’m pretty sure the finished draft of In Sherlock’s Shadow will be over 75K. I’ve budgeted to 80K in my writing plan for February, and I’m not even sure I’ll do it in that. I am taking steps, though. I have a big list of characters I need to have sorted out by the end of the book, and I’ve plotted in some detail to four scenes ahead of where I am. It also helps that around 8K of the words above belong to scenes I’ve written ahead of where I’m up to. These exist due to writing group prompts which have lent themselves to being, er, adapted for the book!

You know what? If the book ends up bigger, and I don’t finish until early March, I won’t mind. In Sherlock’s Shadow just seems to be a bigger book than A House of Mirrors. There are more locations, more characters, more historical detail, and I think the protagonist’s journey is, in some ways, more complicated. Even the scenes are working out longer, on average. So I guess I’ll have to let the draft run its course, and worry about the finished article when I come to edit it!

If you’re drafting at the moment, how’s yours coming along?




One thought on “JanuWriMo and FebuWriMore: a progress report

  1. Fighting along thanks! Nanowrimo became nanothreemo, then I didn’t write any of it in January so it’s maybe nanofourmo. Am around the 45k mark and not sure how far along (2/3?) – it has too many characters and things going on it – I think it maybe two stories (inc alpacas) not one. Because I’ve had a bit of a crisis of confidence, I’m a bit daunted about picking up the pen (ok keyboard) and getting on with it. Although I also have to write a “crowd” scene which is hard for someone who avoids large gatherings at all opportunities!

    PS Just started reading a reprint of an 1864 book “The Female Detective” by Andrew Forrester and the introduction says that the police did “use” female detectives unofficially long before they employed them officially. For some reason, it made me think of you!

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