The end, again (only it isn’t)

I finished the first draft of In Sherlock's Shadow last night, at 9.50pm GMT. That should sound more celebratory, but my overall feeling was one of exhausted relief. It may have something to do with having written 4500 words in a day, packed one of the kids for a residential trip, and taken a 7-mile walk, but … Continue reading The end, again (only it isn’t)

An Invitation Refused: a short story for Valentine’s Day

Here's a daft little story I wrote a while back, a version of a fairytale which you might recognise. Hope you enjoy it! An Invitation Refused 'You shall go to the ball!' The Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand. Cinderella stared. 'Really?' 'Oh yes,' replied the benevolent dame. 'Pazowie!' With a few swirls of her wand … Continue reading An Invitation Refused: a short story for Valentine’s Day

JanuWriMo and FebuWriMore: a progress report

OK, I invented FebuWriMore, but anyway... I'm not blogging as frequently, due to an increase of STUFF to do, so it was only when checking the last few posts today that I realised I hadn't actually written an end-of-January post. Maybe I did it in my head! The image at the top of the post … Continue reading JanuWriMo and FebuWriMore: a progress report

My first writing workshop!

So this weekend I did something a bit different from usual. I ran a writing workshop! It came about through a meeting of the Friends of Penketh Library (FOPL for short), who have been organising lots of events to support and promote the library. There's recently been a big consultation about the future of Warrington's libraries, … Continue reading My first writing workshop!