January sale! A House Of Mirrors Kindle Countdown Deal!

First things first –

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a great 2017 for all of us.

2016 was a nice year for me personally, but rubbish in terms of politics and also in losing so many cultural icons. So to celebrate the demise of 2016, my latest book and first full-length novel, A House Of Mirrors, is on a Kindle Countdown Deal till 7 January. See the book on Amazon here: myBook.to/Mirrors

What’s a Kindle Countdown Deal?

If you haven’t encountered a Kindle Countdown Deal before, here’s the gen:hom-ks-final

  • Starting 31 December, A House of Mirrors is priced at 99p/99c instead of the usual £2.49/$2.99. This applies on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk only. If you visit the book on Amazon, you’ll see a little timer counting down near the Buy button (hence the name of the deal).
  • Once the timer runs out, the price goes up to £1.99/$1.99. Still cheaper than usual, but not quite such a bargain – and again, it’s a timed offer.
  • Once the timer runs out on 7 January, the book goes back up to its normal price.

Why should I buy A House Of Mirrors?

  • If you like Sherlock Holmes, you might enjoy the twist this novel brings to the usual set-up. I’m not saying any more than that!
  • So far the book’s got great reviews – check them out on Amazon.
  • I’m not planning to discount A House Of Mirrors again for some time, so if you miss the boat you’ll either have to get it at full price or wait a few months.
  • Is one of your New Year Resolutions to read more? There you go 😉

So if you fancy a fast-moving, twisty Sherlock Holmes mystery, visit myBook.to/Mirrors and grab your copy of A House Of Mirrors!

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