It’s A House Of Mirrors launch day!

I’m very proud to say that my first novel, A House Of Mirrors, is available to buy as an ebook on Amazon, and free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers! I’m planning to get the paperback out before Christmas, too 😉

It feels like a very long journey from November 1, 2015, when I sat down at the computer and typed the very first words of the book. I’d had the idea in my head for some time, but I pushed it back until I’d written the first draft of The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes,  with the intention of tackling it for my first NaNoWriMo. When I finished the draft, I left it alone for several months; editing the book felt like another massive hill to climb. But now, here it is, a real live full-length novel!

The origin of the book:

I was reading a Sherlock Holmes story – A Study in Scarlet, I think – and it struck me how little we know of Mrs Hudson. She runs 221B Baker Street, but we barely see her. I began to wonder about her viewpoint, how she would tell a Holmes story. Then I wondered where Mr Hudson was. And the story unfolded…

Book description:

Wife or widow – which reflection is true?hom-ks-final

‘What is your profession, Mr Holmes?’

When Nell Villiers’ policeman husband vanishes on a routine case, her life is wrecked. Placed under protection by Inspector Lestrade, Nell is ripped from her old life and her own secret police work. Instead she must live as a widow, Mrs Hudson, in a safe house: 221B Baker Street.

Two years on, with the case still unsolved, Nell vows to defy Lestrade and use her skills to discover the truth. She takes a lodger to cover her tracks; a young man called Sherlock Holmes. How could she know what would happen?

‘It’s always been fun before – but now the police are the enemy…’

Add A House Of Mirrors to your Goodreads reading list: A House of Mirrors

Click here to read the beginning of A House Of Mirrors

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