Once more into the breach: NaNoWriMo week 1

I’m actually writing this blog post having finished my words for day 1 of Week 2, so I’m feeling extra industrious. Which is as well, because Week 1 was basically a week where I was fitting words around everything else. Halloween at the beginning (with a bit of promo for Snow-White Lady), Bonfire Night at the end, a weekend sleepover, and two full training days. So much for getting a jump on things!

However, I had a plan. While I like to be a hybrid between planner and pantser (no, autocorrect, NOT panther) while I’m drafting, I’m much more of a control freak when it comes to getting the words done. I knew that Week 1 was going to be hard, so I did what any sensible person would (in my view). I drew up a calendar view of the month, with various commitments blocked in, and got my calculator out. I allocated some no-word-count days, some half-count days, including for weekends (which I hope I won’t need to use fully!), and three-quarter count days where part of the day is taken up. Once added up, these came to the equivalent of 20 full word-count days. Divide 50K by 20, and you get 2500. So that’s my basic word-per-day target.

Week 1, as it turned out, had 2 three-quarter days and nothing else, making a target of 3750 words for the week. A nice easy lead-in, I thought. So I set to on day 1 and wrote just under 3200. Perhaps my recent word-binge on Snow-White Lady has had a quickening effect! However, what I’d envisaged as material for 2 chapters turned out to be two-thirds of one. I squeezed out another 380 words during lunch break on the intervening no-words day to finish chapter 3, then managed a fairly creditable 2000 on day 2 (target 1875), including a sneaky manipulation of the task at writing group for 800 of those words. This was great because we were tasked with writing a piece of horror, so I gained a new character in the form of a witchy neighbour (with a cat called Beyoncé). A hasty 330 words on my phone in a Manchester training room finished off the week.

  • Word target: 3750
  • Words written: 5954
  • % complete: 12%
  • Unexpected cats: 1
  • Soggy bottoms: 1
  • Variations from the basic plan: 3ish
  • Cups of tea: lost count!

Tune in next time for (I hope) a bit more about the writing and a bit less about the numbers!

The featured NaNoRhino is one from my collection. The prominent ridges embody the peaks and troughs of getting started.

4 thoughts on “Once more into the breach: NaNoWriMo week 1

  1. Well that’s one way of doing it. I just count any day over 1667 as a bonus. Last year (my first) I had to factor in needing to finish on 27th because I was away the last weekend. I’m just doing my best to keep ahead of the game so that possibly i can actually talk to my family in the evenings.

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