Mwahaha! The Case of the Snow-White Lady is released!

Look, it’s nearly Halloween, cut me some slack here!

This story wasn’t supposed to happen at all. I was planning to write a nice modern mystery, and in preparation I went to an excellent lecture by Kathryn Harkup called ‘A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie’, part of the Daresbury Laboratory Talking Science series (there’s a book of the same name). There I was, getting lots of ideas, and incidentally learning that lots of poisons are much harder to get hold of these days, and a throwaway reference was made to vampires. Ooh, I thought, that could be interesting… 

A few weeks later I was planning out future projects and the vampire sat up in its coffin again. Maybe I could do something with that for Christmas, I thought. And the vampire hissed ‘No, you should do something with me for Halloween!’

And here it is, an 11,000-word short story featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, which is perhaps a little more traditional than some of the others I’ve written. If you’d like a peek, here’s the cover, blurb and Amazon global link:

swl-corner-border-flat There is no such thing as a vampire … or is there?

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are summoned to Dartmoor by an old schoolfriend of Watson’s, Bill Holcombe. His sixteen year old daughter Amelia, who died a month previously, has been seen wandering the village at night. Witnesses swear that she catches animals and sucks their blood. The whole neighbourhood fears the ‘Snow-White Lady’, and Holcombe is desperate to prove she is not a vampire.

The great detective’s famous scepticism is put to the test in a mystery where boundaries blur between the living and the dead…

See you on the other side 😉


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