Thunderclaps and giveaways and discounts, oh my!

A Jar Of Thursday Thunderclap and giveaway

Have I mentioned that I’ve set up a Thunderclap campaign for A Jar Of Thursday? 😉

If you haven’t heard of one before, a Thunderclap is a big synchronised social media share, with the purpose of making an impact.

As you can see, it’s going pretty well, with 72 supporters at the time of writing. But I’d love to get to the magic 100 supporters as soon as I can! That’s the only thing with a Thunderclap – if you don’t make your target, NOTHING HAPPENS. Bit of a nail-biter.


So I’ve decided to add an extra incentive. Everyone who supports my Thunderclap will go into the hat to win an ebook of A Jar Of Thursday, and I’ll give away 5 copies – provided the Thunderclap reaches 100 supporters! If you’ve already signed up, you’re automatically in the draw.

So if you’d like a chance at a free book, click! I’ll do the draw as soon as the Thunderclap reaches 100; you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Half-price Secret Notebook!

Well, I did say it was all going on! As A Jar of Thursday is a sort of sequel, I’m doing a half-price promotion on The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes. From Thursday 22 to Monday 26 September, snap up your copy for 99p/99c/€0,99! Here’s the link:

That’s quite enough excitement for one blog post – see you next time!

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