A Thursday update: ARCs available!

What a relief! Yesterday I got the last comments from my wonderful proofreader, made the changes, and uploaded the final version (I hope) of A Jar of Thursday to Amazon. I’m a natural fretter, so while I knew I had time to make changes, I still had the what ifs in the back of my mind. What if my computer explodes? What if I just forget to upload the new file? Mind you, the latter would be unlikely, since Amazon have already reminded me about the file twice this week…

Anyway, it is done! So today I have been sending out thank-you ebook copies to my beta readers, and also some advance review copies (ARCs).

It’s the first time I’ve been organised enough to send ARCs, and I’d love to say that I have a systematic, methodical approach to this. In reality, I’ve asked people who’ve read and reviewed a previous book of mine whether they’d like a copy of Thursday in exchange for writing a short, honest review. And I haven’t even caught most of those as I don’t have contact details for many of the people who have reviewed my books on Amazon. But hey, it’s a start.

I’d still like to send out more ebooks this week, though. So here’s the offer.

I’ll send out a limited number of ebook ARCs of A Jar of Thursday. If you’d like one, drop me a line via my contact form. Priority goes to people who:

  • Read and enjoyed one of my other books (The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes or Bitesize) – and preferably have reviewed it on Amazon or Goodreads. Do send a link if you have. If you keep meaning to and haven’t – well, there’s still time!
  • Review books on either Amazon or Goodreads (please send a link to your review profile)
  • Are prepared to read A Jar of Thursday and write a short, honest review by early October. It’s a 25,000-word novella so it shouldn’t take too long to get through!

So if you like the sound of A Jar of Thursday (the book description is here), do get in touch! I’ll keep the offer open for a few days and post again when I’ve reached my quota.

I intend to keep offering ARCs for further books, with the preference going to consistent reviewers. That might depend on whether this experiment works, though!

Oh, and if you’d like to support my launch day Thunderclap, I’d really appreciate it. The link is http://thndr.me/BrWPX2

See you next time!


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