Aargh! Papyrus!

Today I realised that I haven’t posted a blog here for a while. Writing stuff is currently a little betwixt and between. I have two manuscripts out with beta readers, and so far (she said, crossing her fingers) feedback is good. I have a rough book cover which I’m itching to show you, but it’s not quite there yet. And I was hoping to have a short story publication to share with you, but it isn’t out yet! So consider this as a sort of intermission.

Is it me, or is Papyrus EVERYWHERE?!

If you’re not sure what I mean, look at the header image, or alternatively below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 20.41.38

Until recently I didn’t mind Papyrus. I didn’t particularly like it, but it didn’t bother me.

Now, however, it’s everywhere. It’s on flyers for therapies, it’s on signs for hardware shops, it’s on book covers – oh, so many book covers, it’s… Seriously, I can’t walk down the road or turn a page in a magazine without Papyrus jumping out at me from a lamp post or a takeaway flyer.

With Comic Sans I could sort of get it – people use it as it looks friendly and not too serious. Well, they used to, anyway. But what is Papyrus intended to convey? A Co.Design post on the 8 worst fonts in the world (Papyrus is at number 4) suggests Papyrus is meant to seem adventurous and exotic. I get sensitive and New Age-y, although that might be down to where I’ve seen it used most often (including of course in the film Avatar).  But now Papyrus is everywhere I can’t tell what it’s meant to signify any more. I don’t know where I am with it.

I’m getting to the point now where I’m so sick of the Papyrus font that I probably wouldn’t buy a book that used it on the cover, or enter a restaurant with a Papyrus sign (not without a cast-iron recommendation from someone I trust, anyway). Of all the fonts you could choose, why this one?!

And another question; what next? What will replace Papyrus as the inexplicably popular go-to font to use in-season and out, whether appropriate or not, until the sight of it tied to railings at a traffic light, advertising 2-for-1 pizzas, makes me grind my teeth?

Maybe it is me. Rant over. Normal service may be resumed in the next post. Until then…

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 21.07.15

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