Nine Lives: for #InternationalCatDay

So this morning I noticed that #InternationalCatDay was trending on Twitter. In my view every day is International Cat Day, but we’ll let that go.

Then I saw on Facebook that Mslexia were holding a cat-related drabble contest today…and inspiration was sleeping right next to me, snoring gently.

Here’s the result, a piece about my cat Abby. She’s getting on a bit now, which is all the more reason to celebrate her.

Nine Lives

She is a seashell, a tabby nautilus.

She is a tiger prowling the Cheshire plain for prey.

She is a hot-water bottle smack in the middle of the bed.

She is a rescue cat who worries when we fetch the suitcases.

She is a kitten chasing spots of light, dust motes and her own tail.

She is a cottage loaf baking herself on a sun-warmed flagstone.

She is a sphinx, omniscient behind green sequin slits.

She is a destroyer of curtain-bottoms and sofa-backs.

She is a lap-weight opposed to all movement.

She is always herself.


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