Camp NaNoWriMo: In the middle

It’s almost the middle of the month already! How on earth did that happen?

Appropriately enough, I’m in the middle of editing. Very much so. This week I’ve dealt with all the ‘big’ questions/possible problems I identified on reading through my NaNo book. Several turned out to be not really SO big.

I’ve also resolved the ‘medium’ queries/issues. The bits I enjoy most are when I realise something about the character or situation that I didn’t know before, and also when I get to do a little rewrite and dive back into the scene. At times, though, it has felt very slooooow. Fix the problem, mark it off, remember you referred to that thing in a later chapter, find chapter, fix it, aargh…

Here come the really fiddly little things; the corrections, fixing where I gave two characters the same surname (a name I’ve used in another book, to boot), the passes to make sure the lights in the rooms are correct (in two houses there is gaslight, in the other, not), checking for overused words, making sure the descriptions of weather, outdoors etc are appropriate for the time of year I now know it is…

I’m going to stop now before I talk myself out of it. But that’s the thing. Now I’m pretty much exactly in the middle of the process, I can see that the book I have now is better than the one I started with. It’s already tighter, though I haven’t started to edit for length yet, and the motivations are more consistent. Even so, I think I’ll have to take the rest of the month a day at a time to get through all those little niggles!

On a less grumpy note, I had some nice news yesterday that a flash story of mine has been accepted for the next issue of Firewords Quarterly. It’s a gorgeous magazine and I know my piece will be in great company.

Oh yes, and I did some sprint plotting! Some of my CampNaNo cabinmates were doing writing sprints, and not to be left out I decided to start plotting the first book of the project I mentioned in my last post. You see, after writing a potential beginning last week I decided that if it did turn out to be a series then I wanted the characters to get older as the books went along. And the opening I’d written wasn’t where I wanted to start. Anyway, we did three fifteen-minute sprints and as a result I have a few pages of notes, the start of a sketchy outline – and I know whodunnit! Really looking forward to getting stuck into it properly now…maybe that’s the carrot I need to dangle in front of me to get through the editing! Tune in next time to find out if it worked…




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