Book cover boost

Just dropping in to share some feedback I got for the Secret Notebook cover. I know, it’s a bit sad, but I really am properly chuffed.

On a whim, I submitted the e-book cover for The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes to the monthly e-Book Cover Design Awards, run by none other than Joel Friedlander, book designer and provider of great advice for anyone who self-publishes. I consulted his blog loads of times in the throes of putting the Secret Notebook together.

I didn’t win, but that’s cool – the most I was hoping for was to get my book in front of a few more eyes, and hopefully not have my design roasted by Joel. As it turned out, my cover did get featured, with a nice comment from Joel:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.42.12

‘Complete congruence between the subject matter of the book and the cover’! ‘It works’! I’ll take that! Not that I’m planning to diversify into making book covers, but it’s reassuring to know that you can make a book cover that does the job without spending a fortune (or in my case, nothing).

If you’re at all interested in how I did it, the relevant post is here. The only problem is that once you get into book cover design you end up critiquing every cover you see!

To see the awards post in full, with lots of covers and comments (and a mention for fellow FlashDog Tamara Rogers), click here; and the Book Designer website is well worth a browse around while you’re at it.

Right, that’s it for now – I’d better get on with finalising the cover for the next book! See you soon.

The featured image is Reading 20140612 by Sarah Sammis, and is shared under Creative Commons license 2.0. No changes were made.

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