A QuickFic story: Gap

This Friday I was pretty determined that, unless the prompt rang no creative bells at all, I’d try to get a story in at Faber Academy’s QuickFic contest.

As it happened, I loved the prompt photo…but my first cobbled-together draft of a story came in at 438 words, and at QuickFic you only get 250 to play with. I blame the New Year version of NaNoWriMo which I’m currently participating in – JanuWriMo –  for making me write long. Cue red pen! I was part-way through laborious pruning when I decided to change from a story frame to a simpler past-then-present version, leading to a more painless word-cull.

I’m delighted to report that my story, ‘Gap’, got runner-up this week, and you can read it here along with Alexis J Reed’s brilliant winning story, ‘The Angel’.


The featured image is this week’s QuickFic photo prompt. I’m just disappointed I didn’t have room to mention the cowcatcher.


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