Solstice Dark, Solstice Light: two charity anthologies

I’m sure time is speeding up because it can’t be 6 months since the summer solstice. Then again, waking up in darkness would suggest that it is…

Anyway, it’s the winter solstice here, and nearly Christmas, and a time for giving, and for thinking of people less fortunate than ourselves. So I’m waving the FlashDogs banner for our two solstice-themed flash fiction anthologies, Solstice: Light and Solstice: Dark. All the profits from the books’ sales go to The Book Bus charity, which helps improve child literacy in developing countries. So if you’re feeling charitable today and you like reading flash fiction, or know someone who does, why not indulge?

The two books have a massive 143 stories between them, all of which were written specially for the anthologies, and it’s amazing to see what different tales have sprung from the photo prompts. The books can be explored and of course purchased using the links below. Enjoy!

Solstice: Light print and ebook

Solstice: Dark print and ebook

My original post on the anthologies:

The FlashDogs are back, and this time it’s a double helping with not one but two new short story anthologies out today!


All profits from the sale of the anthologies will go to The Book Bus charity, which helps children in developing countries to read and to be inspired by books. As the parent of two bookworms, I’m delighted to contribute to this.

If you’ve had the pleasure of reading the original FlashDogs: Volume 1 anthology, you may remember that each author contributed a story written to a photo prompt; in my head the woman in the prompt was the ‘petrol pump fairy’! These stories turned out to be the ones which got the best feedback – and it was fascinating to read the 34 different takes on the image. So this time the anthologies are entirely prompt-driven. Each book, Solstice: Light and Solstice: Dark, has two photo prompts, and from those four images 143 tales have been spun by a pretty impressive array of flash fiction writers from across the globe (and they let me write a couple of stories too!).

So you know what to do:

1) Order your print or ebook copies of Solstice: Light and Solstice: Dark

2) If you haven’t read FlashDogs: Volume 1, the ebook is available as a FREE download until 25 June – snap your copy up now!

3) Experience a warm glow of satisfaction at donating to a great cause

4) Devour the books!

If you would like to know more about the FlashDogs, follow us on Twitter @FlashDogs, or visit the FlashDogs website. Now I’m off to go and buy the books myself!

The featured image is by Tam Rogers (@tamrogers), and you can find more of her artwork and writing in the Solstice anthologies.

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