A Christmas story: Extra Veg

Here's a festive tale for you. Don't read it too quickly or you might get indigestion! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016. Extra veg ‘Susan, you’ve done us proud.’ Dad pushed his chair back from the table to give his stomach more room. ‘I think a little pause before pudding is … Continue reading A Christmas story: Extra Veg

Solstice Dark, Solstice Light: two charity anthologies

I'm sure time is speeding up because it can't be 6 months since the summer solstice. Then again, waking up in darkness would suggest that it is... Anyway, it's the winter solstice here, and nearly Christmas, and a time for giving, and for thinking of people less fortunate than ourselves. So I'm waving the FlashDogs banner for … Continue reading Solstice Dark, Solstice Light: two charity anthologies

So long, farewell: Flash! Friday

Today, Friday 18 December, is a sad day, because the Flash! Friday website closes today. This morning I woke up and there was no Flash! Friday email in my inbox encouraging me to write a flash fiction by midnight, inspired by a photo, a novel or a dragon's bidding. Often I didn't write a story, because I … Continue reading So long, farewell: Flash! Friday

Writing ‘The End’: I made it!

It feels odd to write another 'finished' post already, but yes: I finished the first draft of A House of Mirrors last Friday (December 11).   If you're imagining me writing 'The End' with a flourish of my quill pen/Mont Blanc/posh rollerball, well, it wasn't quite like that. I didn't know whether the last day of writing would … Continue reading Writing ‘The End’: I made it!

‘Schrödinger’s Relationship’ at Quantum Shorts

Just a quick post to say I have a short flash story up at Quantum Shorts. It's called 'Schrödinger's Relationship', so I expect you can guess where it's going (or not)! If you'd like to have a read, the story is here - and if you'd like to rate or vote, go ahead! There are lots of … Continue reading ‘Schrödinger’s Relationship’ at Quantum Shorts