Name that novel! NaNoWriMo week 3

On to week 3 of NaNoWriMo, and in a weird way I’m getting used to it. Some days are harder than others, but the writing gets done somehow, and I can’t believe I’ve written so much in three weeks! Here’s the news from week 3…

Day 15: What can I say? It was Sunday. The house was stirring. I finished off my NaNo week 2 blog post and typed 2 sentences into Scrivener while the kettle was boiling. I know. Please consider the two hours which I spent supervising homework as a suitable penance.

16 words today, 30,781 total, 62% complete, 19,219 to go.

Day 16: Ah, Monday again. Today was full of parcels to post, deliveries to take in, and children to ferry around; and I decided to write a flash story before starting my NaNo words. We went to see the school musical in the evening, and everyone went to bed around three hours later than usual. Would it surprise you to learn that today was the day I didn’t make target? To be honest I’m amazed that I wrote as many words as I did.

1,996 words today, 32,777 total, 66% complete, 17,223 to go.

Day 17: Woke up tired, dealt with two tired and bickering children, went to the shop for milk (cannot write without tea), and came back exhausted. My 20-minute power nap was rudely interrupted by the cat, but a few ideas floated into my head, including a possible title: A House of Mirrors. Having fallen short of target word count yesterday, I had 3000 words to get down today, between spells of zombie staring and someone coming to install new electricity and gas meters. Oh, and delivering the child who’s in the school musical to the venue, during rush hour, and picking up the other one’s watch (don’t ask). Well, I had to type in the dark at one point (the meter guys had to shut the power off), but I made it. Back on track! That probably means that tomorrow will be a shocker.

3,014 words today, 35,791 total, 72% complete, 14,209 to go.

Day 18: Not a shocker! A steady day, with a very short story to start (88 words, in fact), and somehow the outlines for the next two scenes just popped into my head. Why can’t writing always be like this?

2,514 words today, 38,305 total, 77% complete, 11,695 to go. 

Day 19: Another steady day. Finished the scene I was on, wrote most of another. And *drumroll* I passed 40K! I know what tomorrow’s scene will be, too… It’s going almost too well, so I’ve emailed a copy of the whole thing so far to myself, just in case.

2,520 words today, 40,825 total, 82% complete, 9,175 to go!

Day 20: Full of cold on a miserable wet day. Soaked through on school run. Thoroughly grumpy. Still no words at 10.30, too busy being grumpy. Even my trusty Buena Vista Social Club CD wasn’t delivering. I retreated upstairs with the laptop and grumbled at it. It was a slow start, but once I got into the scene I picked up speed, and by lunchtime I had around 1500 words. I reached 2500 with a sigh of relief, having started a tricky new scene where I will have to take some decisions. Now I’m over halfway through the word count for the whole novel, I need to think about some of the things I’ve been putting off. Bits of the jigsaw are coming together, but not quickly enough for my liking! Keeping my fingers crossed that a break over the weekend will have a magical organising effect on the various strands of my plot…

2,638 words today, 43,464 total, 87% complete, 6,536 to go.

Day 21: Woke up, made tea, got a notepad and pen, and asked myself lots of questions about the plot. I didn’t manage to answer them all, but what emerged was that there’s a character who hasn’t been in the story much yet, and once he’s sorted I think – hope – that things will fall into place.

57 words today, 43,521 total, 87% complete, 6,479 to go.  

And that was Week 3. Almost there…well, as far as ‘winning’ NaNoWriMo goes, but after that there’s a whole lot more story to write. I need to get my main character safely home – or not! To be continued…

This week’s NaNoRhiNo is the very first of our collection. We got him on honeymoon, in Battery Park, New York. I think he’s rather distinguished.

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