Words, words, words: NaNoWriMo week 2 update

Yikes! It’s week 2 of NaNoWriMo! I’m still loving it, but some days I love it more than others…here’s how the week went.

Day 8: Not a great start to week 2 today, but I got almost an hour of writing in before the house was awake. I had every intention of coming back later, but nah, didn’t happen. I’ve felt a bit guilty all day; then again, I’ve written almost a thousand words this weekend, and they were kind of tricky ones too. So there.

584 words today, 15,316 total, 31% complete, 34,684 to go.

Day 9: Ah, the alarm in the darkness which signals that Monday is here again. However, this morning my muzzy head didn’t clear after a strong brew and I was full of cold. Hurrah. One rainy school run later, and I sat down at the computer with the prospect of 2500 words before me. The dishwasher rumbled, the rain beat down outside, I sneezed and shivered, and no words came. Half an hour in I felt sufficiently rough to dose up on paracetamol and head upstairs with the laptop; and slowly, slowly, words trickled onto the screen. Getting to 200 was like pulling teeth; but eventually things got a little easier, until by 2pm I had just over 1000 words to go. By the time I’d finished the scene I was on, I had almost reached target. The next scene had a letter to write, and getting that down ended my stint for the day. I have no idea how much of today’s writing will stay in the finished book (!), but I’m just pleased to have made my word count. Here’s hoping for an easier day tomorrow!

2,783 words today, 18,099 total, 36% complete, 31,901 to go.

Day 10: Well now. I woke up feeling much better, and after a couple of little jobs, I started writing at around 10am. The first scene continued from the letter, and by the time I stopped for lunch I was at just over 1500 words. After a couple of errands, back to the computer for a new scene which I’d been planning for a while. I thought I knew how it would go…but one of my characters had another idea. As a result I now have an additional plot twist which makes better use of a secondary character. It got to school run time and I didn’t want to stop writing, so I emailed myself a chunk and carried on writing on the phone when the kids were at Taekwondo; at home later I added it into Scrivener and finally finished the section off. My poor protagonist has been through the mill today; but things should start improving for her soon. Just over 4000 words – I’ve never written so much in a day!

4,145 words today, 22,244 total, 44% complete, 27,756 to go.

Day 11: Today is halfway day! After yesterday’s marathon, today I needed to write just over 2750 words to reach the halfway point; not too much more than my weekday goal of 2500, so I decided to go for it. A much steadier day than yesterday; I spent most of it working on one full scene, and with a few hundred words left I started the next; but I didn’t want to stop until I’d got to the surprise – so a few extra words again. It seems to be turning into a habit. Before I started NaNoWriMo, I had an idea that I’d be able to write my bit for the day and then do other things like editing. Ha!

3,058 words today, 25,302 total, 51% complete, 24,698 to go!

Day 12: Today has been less steady but so much fun! Yesterday’s scene was rather sombre, but my reward was knowing that today I would get to work on a scene where two main characters meet properly for the first time. And for the next scene…I wrote the first meeting of two more main characters, which again I’ve been looking forward to. The narrative jumps backwards and forwards in time, and of course the scene order may change; but hey, I enjoyed it. And tomorrow another character gets their first proper introduction! All these new people, I can’t wait.

2,567 words today, 27,869 total, 56% complete, 22,131 to go.

Day 13: You know when you’re looking forward to something, and it’s less fun than you expect? Today I realised that the fun bit couldn’t start until a rather unpleasant bit had been got out of the way. Oh, it dragged, but I slogged through it, and started the next scene, which was more enjoyable. I’ve put a little detail in which may or may not be a red herring; I’ll let you know when I’ve decided. Today I broke 30K; but I also realised that I am rapidly coming to the end of the bit where I felt I really knew what was going on and where it was going. This weekend, there will be plotting…or else I may have everyone running round in the streets of London for no reason at all.

2,577 words today, 30,445 total, 61% complete, 19,555 to go!

Day 14: I attended a writing conference today, so half an hour in the morning was all I could fit in. I wrote a little more of the scene I was on and that was that. However, the little bit should lay the foundations for a subplot or two, coming soon to a computer near me…

322 words today, 30,765 total, 62% complete, 19,235 to go.

And that’s Week 2 under my belt. I’m still on track with NaNoWriMo, behind with pretty much everything else, but I’m so glad I decided to sign up. This week I’ve written more words in one day than ever before, but I’m more excited that some of my main characters are starting to flesh themselves out. I’ve also realised that I’m moving through the sketched-out plot more quickly than planned… Will Week 3 be plain sailing, or will there be leaves on the line? Tune in next week to find out!

This week’s NaNoRhiNo is the Writing Rhino himself! He is standing in front of the keyboard right now. Sometimes, when I’m particularly stuck, I rub his back for inspiration.

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