‘Playlist: Super Trouper’ in today’s Guardian!

As you can probably tell, I'm just a tiny bit excited. I have an article in the Guardian newspaper today! I get the Saturday Guardian most weekends, and in the Family section they run little pieces about photos, records and recipes. I wrote my piece, about Abba's Super Trouper, maybe three weeks ago, sent it to the email address in … Continue reading ‘Playlist: Super Trouper’ in today’s Guardian!

‘Unflinching’: a tale of one man and his dog

You know when you see a prompt and think 'I have GOT to write something for this'? Well, I came across a link on Twitter to a Writing Places flash competition on the subject of Thomas Hardy and his pets. OK, maybe not everyone would have that reaction...but I've loved Hardy's work, novels, poems, stories, the lot, … Continue reading ‘Unflinching’: a tale of one man and his dog

Bits and pieces: a not-3-month writing review

Well, tsk. Despite being the sort of person who enjoys measuring and tracking things, I haven't done a writing-progress-update sort of post on here for a while. Not since February, I believe. I've hivered and hovered on what to blog about for a few days now, and having rejected various topics as 'not quite the … Continue reading Bits and pieces: a not-3-month writing review