Perspectives – 1 place, 5 photos, 5 views

Perhaps you want to capture a panorama of the whole landscape, as below:


Or it might be a view of the arrow-straight path you’re taking through that landscape.


Or, if you bend a little, the path’s a wide, wide road through a forest. It looks safe enough, but what lurks among those leaves?


Look closer, and among the crops there are sprigs of leaves and little flowers that wouldn’t look out of place in a bouquet.


Or perhaps the day’s about looking up, and spotting vapour trails and shapes in the sky.


I took these photos at the end of this morning’s run. On the run out I thought ‘I must take a picture of the path through the field, it looks so nice in the sunshine’, and then on the run itself I started thinking about how the field might look from different angles. I might try something similar with a story one day!

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