Linking In

Today I took what feels like a big step. I updated my LinkedIn profile. Well, rewrote it, really.

This involved putting an end date on my public sector job (yes, I know I left last week, but it still feels odd), and rewriting my profile as someone who specialises in writing, editing and generally being creative. That feels rather strange at the moment, three days in. However, it’s a start.

My past LinkedIn updates have been added to the edifice which was already there, like adding another storey to a house of cards. Today I took what I hope are the best and most exciting cards of the previous deck, and added them into a house built with a new suit. It felt scary; but in a good kind of way.

If you’re on LinkedIn and you would like to either view and comment on my profile (eek!) or connect with me, I’d be delighted. If you’ve enjoyed either this blog or my stories, and would like to endorse me for those things, I’ll be extremely grateful. Here’s a link: Hope to meet you there soon.

Today’s featured image is one of my photos, taken on my phone at the end of a long run. I thought the web of connections would be a nice image for today.

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