Your future awaits…

Yesterday was my last day at work, and I got a great send-off including this wonderful handmade card – thanks Ruth!


Inside the card there’s a fortune-teller with a crystal ball. Marvellous.

Quite a few work colleagues have asked me, over the last few weeks, what exactly I’m going to do. ‘Do you have another job yet?’ No, because I’m not seeking full-time work. ‘Ah, so you’re going to be a lady of leisure?’ Er, no, because there are bills to pay and while my husband is both understanding and fabulous, I don’t expect or want him to support me financially. I just want to find more creative, flexible work (see my previous post, The Elephant in the Room, for more about this). I’m prepared for that to take time, and effort.

I think some people would prefer it if I just gave a straight answer; work, or not work. Not some weird hybrid of things that don’t sound like work; like writing, or developing an arts project. Clearly they’re not around when I’m rewriting a sentence for the nth time, still not convinced it says exactly what I want it to.

Anyway, as the card says, my future awaits. Time to brush up my CV and LinkedIn profile, and go for it!

Although I might just finish editing that story first…

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