Happy National Flash Fiction Day! 5 ways to take part

Saturday 27 June is National Flash Fiction Day, as any fule kno (and it was a struggle to get THAT past autocorrect). So this will be a very short blog post as I do not want to get in the way of all the lovely stories which will be flooding into your lives today via Flash Flood Journal! I will be reading as many stories as I can between bouts of child transportation, shouting and general mayhem (well, it is the weekend). In addition, my contribution to Flash Flood is going online at around 5pm British time, so if you see it, do wave.

If you haven’t experienced National Flash Fiction Day before, here are some tips for maximum enjoyment:

  1. Bookmark http://flashfloodjournal.blogspot.co.uk on all devices. Refresh every minute just in case a new story has appeared (I’m assuming that they’ll be along at 10-minute intervals as they were in April).
  2. Tell people when you enjoy a story. Share it; tweet it, Facebook it, and let the author know if you can. Go on, they’ll really appreciate it.
  3. Write a flash fiction yourself (I’m aware that you may be doing that already. If I’ve interrupted you, I apologise. Carry on. I like what you’ve done with the aardvark). Today NFFD are running the Write In (visit here to take part), and two more places where you can do this are FlashMobWrites and The Angry Hourglass, but there will be many more out there to explore. WARNING: Flash addiction is possible. Proceed with caution.
  4. Invest in some further reading – for example the FlashDogs flash fiction anthologies, Solstice : Light and Solstice : Dark. The ebooks contain around 70 stories each of quality flash fiction and are a bargain at £1.99 – plus all proceeds go to The Book Bus charity, which supports children’s literacy. How could you not? Search on Amazon or visit  http://www.theflashdogs.com to order.
  5. Remember that while the Flash Flood may stop at midnight, it’s flash fiction day every day of the year.

Enjoy, and here’s to a continued abundance of flash!

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