'Vaguebooking - an intentionally vague status update that prompts friends to ask what's going on, or is possibly a cry for help' (Urban Dictionary) I hope I'm not, as a rule, a vaguebooker. When people post things like 'Ugh, why do I even BOTHER?', or 'Some people just aren't worth it...', or 'Frustrated 😦 !!!', …

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Faber Academy QuickFic 15/5/15: the winner!

Yes, it is me. Yes, I am absolutely chuffed to bits. First time I've won a writing thing! And yes, of course you can read the story (and the very fine runner-up one by @MrMoth): just click here: The story is called 'Boys and Girls of Summer', it's a very quick fic indeed at …

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‘Silence’ – new story online today

Very happy to say that I have a piece out - a triptych, no less! - at Matter Press's Journal of Compressed Creative Arts. It's called 'Silence', just click here to read. Many thanks to Randall Brown for accepting it! Hope you enjoy it. The featured image is Shh--Daily Image 2011--April 2 by Rochelle Hartman; it is shared …

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