Flash Flood!

So here’s how today is supposed to work. I’ve taken the boys to holiday club and I have a day off. Therefore I will be writing. Today is (of course) Flash! Friday, so I have ideas for a story pinging round my head. Friday is also Faber Academy’s QuickFic day, so at 9.50 I’ll be checking the prompt for that. I have ideas for two stories for the FlashDogs anthology 2, which I definitely need to get on with, so the prompts are open in front of me. And by a strange coincidence it’s writers’ group tonight.

What have I been doing? Reading.

Today Flash Flood, the National Flash Fiction Day journal, is publishing a new flash fiction story every 10 minutes or so. I’ve just gone back to the site and read another one. I read 5 this morning with my cup of tea. Then I saw a few names that I know, so I read theirs too…you can see how this is going!

So if you like flash fiction, head on over to Flash Flood and have a read. Just don’t expect to get anything done for the rest of the day! I’m on at around 9pm BST, by the way. See you there!

The featured image is Water Melody by Steve Gatto, and is reproduced by permission of Creative Commons license 2.0. The top of the image has been cropped slightly to emphasise the water.

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