I love writing, just for the sake of writing, but a little encouragement is nice.

It can be tough when you send stories out to potential homes and they come back, sometimes with a form rejection (double ouch). On a bad day you wonder why you’re doing it, whether you should be doing it, and think of all the useful, less frustrating things you could be doing instead.

So today gave me a boost. The Faber Academy story prompt was, somehow, familiar (I should have recognised it straight off as I used Frankenstein as one of the key texts of my MA thesis!), and the combination of very formal language and dire warning set me pondering.

I gave myself half an hour at lunchtime, and the (runner-up) result is below:

Hope you enjoy it!

The featured image is IMG_8318 by Capitol Bombshell (Luigi Crespo), and it is shared by permission of Creative Commons license 2.0

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