Release the hounds! FlashDogs are out!

In my last post I mentioned that the FlashDogs anthology was coming out today. 34 writers, contributing 110 stories, in aid of children’s literacy charity IBBY.

It’s out! I went to Amazon this morning to buy my copy (of course!) and I was chuffed to see that FlashDogs was in the top 100 sellers in its category.

I’m very, very proud to say that, having sneaked another look, the FlashDogs anthology is currently in the top 10 for its category, and in the top 30 for all anthologies, paper or ebook, sold on Amazon.

FD Amazon first day

Of course I can only take 4/110ths of the credit for it (well, not even that, because so much more goes into a book – editing, admin, cover art, and simply getting the thing to be a saleable ebook). Well done FlashDogs, one and all!

If you’ve bought your copy, thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading it. And if you haven’t bought it yet – it’s only £1.53, it’s all for charity, and it’s a BESTSELLER! Go to Amazon now, before they run out!

The featured image is used with the permission of Tamara Rogers (@tamrogers). All rights reserved.


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